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Student living costs ‘average nearly £200 a week’

Housing is single largest cost

Students face average outgoings of nearly £200 a week, with accommodation their single biggest cost, research showed today.

The average person spends £183.80 a week while they are studying at university, according to Halifax.

Housing single largest cost

Accommodation is the biggest cost students face at an average of nearly £75 a week, followed by food at £38.60, including £6.40 that is spent on takeaways.

Student accommodation is most expensive in the South West at an average of £90.30, followed by the South East and East at £86.60 and £82.60 respectively.

At the other end of the scale, students in Northern Ireland pay an average of just £31.40 a week for their housing, while those in the West Midlands pay £53.40.

Other costs

Students also splash out an average of nearly £20 a week on alcohol, with £15.60 of this spent drinking in pubs and bars, while they pay around £1.70 a week for cigarettes.

Just over £14 a week goes on transport costs, while utility bills set them back by around £12.50 a week.

But while students spend an average of £12.30 on leisure and social activities each week, just £9.40 goes on books and equipment they need for their course.

:: Opinionpanel Research questioned 2,005 students during May.


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