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Nissan introduces all-new Murano

The petrol SUV delivers a 'car-like' drive
Nissan is launching a new Murano

The market for petrol SUVs isn’t exactly buoyant right now. But this isn’t about to stop Nissan introducing an all-new Murano.

The Murano is actually labelled a ‘crossover’, and aims to deliver a car like driving experience. It may look similar to the previous version, but it’s based on a new, stiffer platform, and every panel is different.

The 3.5-litre V6 has been updated with a 22bhp increase to 254bhp. But while 25.9mpg and 261g/km CO2 are 12% and 11% improvements, respectively, this is still far from a cheap car to run. 

CVT gearbox

0-62mph takes 8.0 seconds, top speed is 130mph, and the only gearbox option is a CVT automatic that has been reprogrammed to give a more progressive feel.

Standard equipment is generous, including everything from an 11-speaker stereo to sat nav, climate control and two reversing cameras (the second is pointed at the nearside kerb).

The interior has many practical features, including a flip up shopping bag storage system in the boot, while the Murano debuts ‘self-healing paint’. This recovers from light scratches with the help of hot water.

Roof-mounted DVD player

There are just two versions available, priced £32,795 and £33,295. The more expensive variant replaces the standard car’s glass roof with a roof-mounted DVD player, but is otherwise identical. 

On sale 1 October, Nissan expects to sell just 700 a year.

We haven’t tested the new Murano yet, but you can read a review for the original 3.5-litre, V6 Nissan Murano in the Which? Car Buying Guide. You’ll find stats, owners’ views, our test score for the car and much, much more.

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