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Sainsbury’s generates electricity from food waste

800 Sainsbury’s stores to run on greener energy
Sainsbury's plan to recycle waste into energy

Sainsbury’s plans to recycle waste into energy

Sainsbury’s has revealed plans to light and heat its 800 stores on food waste from next summer. 

The move follows a successful pilot in around 40 Sainsbury’s stores in Northamptonshire.

Converting food waste into electricity

Sainsbury’s says the process involves converting food waste into methane gas through new technology in digester plants. The gas can then be converted to electricity to light and heat the company’s stores.

The supermarket chain plans to build further digester plants across the UK to help fuel all its 800 stores.

No to landfill sites

The company has plans to completely stop sending food waste to landfill sites by next summer, and to stop sending any waste (including non-food waste) to landfill sites by the end of next year.

At the moment Sainsbury’s sends around 80,000 tonnes of waste to landfill each year, the majority of which is food waste.

Waste savings

As well as the obvious benefits this programmes will have for the environment, Sainsbury’s stands to save a lot of money on energy costs and landfill taxes.

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