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CES 2009: Canon reveals HD camcorder line-up

Canon shows new high-definition digital camcorders
CES 2009 Canon camcorder

Canon has revealed a new range of high-definition digital camcorders for 2009, which it says will deliver the highest-level of high-definition quality.

The Vixia range includes five high definition camcorders, as well as six new standard-definition camcorders. Some of the new models include an updated version of Canon’s digital imaging technology – Digic DV III – which Canon says will deliver ‘stunning colour reproduction, clarity and enhanced noise reduction’.

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It says the new image engine allows for the camcorders to capture 8Mp photos, and sport face-detection and auto exposure features, in addition to high-definition filming. Some models replace hard disks with solid state flash memory storage, which works in a similar way to computer memory – although it retains information even when turned off.

High-definition video

New to the line-up is the addition of a video snapshot mode. This can capture highlights of a filmed scene with the same ease as taking photos, says the company. The result is a series of short four-second video clips that, combined with Canon software, adds background audio tracks to create a highlights movie.

The top-of-the-range Vixia HF S10 flash memory camcorder can save footage to an internal 32GB flash drive or directly to an SDHC memory card, while the Vixia S100 saves video purely to an SDHC memory card. Both camcorders feature the Digic DV III image processor, Full HD CMOS image sensor, face-detection technology, and video snapshot mode.

Three other high-definition cameras flesh out the range.

The Vixia HF20 and HF200 camcorders feature a Full HD image sensor, 15x optical lens, and video snapshot mode. Canon says they are the most compact high-definition camcorders it has released.

Full HD video footage

The Vixia HV40 HDV camcorder offers a Full HD image sensor, and 10x optical zoom. Canon says this model can record in native 24p mode – a feature usually found on professional camcorders to create video footage that looks like cinematic film. The camcorder records to HDV tape rather than to solid state flash memory.

Canon says it plans to release six new standard-definition camcorders – with the FS22, FS21 and FS200 camcorders up to 17% smaller than previous FS models. The FS200 records directly to an SDHC card, and comes in three colours: misty silver, sunrise red, and evening blue.

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The company plans to release the DC420 and DC410 DVD standard-definition camcorders that record directly to DVD, offer widescreen recording, and feature Canon’s Digic DV II image processor. The Canon ZR960 MiniDV camcorder rounds off the range, and is aimed at digital video newcomers.

Prices and availability details were not announced at the CES.

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