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ASA criticises over discount claims
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Online entertainment retailer has been criticised by advertising watchdog ASA for advertising misleading discount prices and savings. was challenged over a national press advert promoting CDs at discount prices of up to 50% off their £15.99 recommended retail price (RRP), including some albums not yet available to buy.

The ASA said that, at the time of the advert, didn’t have enough evidence showing that the CDs were usually on sale at £15.99, and it concluded that the quoted savings couldn’t be substantiated.

For information about the latest sales and promotions online and across the high street, see the Which? guide to January sales. pricing policy said that the RRPs reflected the prices at which they expected the products would be generally sold, and that its pricing policy was consistent with its competitors.

However, the ASA ruled that as some of the albums advertised weren’t on general release at the time the ads appeared, the RRPs and ‘savings’ based on the RRPs were unsubstantiated because they couldn’t reflect the prices at which the products were generally sold. adverts criticised

It’s the second time in 12 months has come under fire by the ASA over such advertising of discounted products.

In April 2008, it was criticised for advertising the RRPs of products not yet available to buy and was told to stop using ‘RRPs’ when advertising products not yet on general release.

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