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Panasonic shows 2009 UK LCD and plasma ranges

New Viera plasma and LCD models include Z1 and V10
Panasonic P46Z1 plasma TV

Panasonic P46Z1 plasma TV

Panasonic has announced a raft of new Viera plasma and LCD TVs, from 19-inch LCDs to 54-inch plasmas, although pricing and shipping dates are unconfirmed.

Which? will test models from the new TV ranges as soon as they become available, and aims to bring you full test results from June onwards, as part of our expert LCD and plasma TV reviews.

Panasonic backs Freesat

Panasonic is putting itself firmly behind free digital TV service, Freesat, with the new Viera line-up boasting 14 Freesat full HD TVs with screen sizes from 32 to 54 inches. Which? has reviews of all the latest Panasonic Freesat models, including the 32LZD81. There’s also a guide to Freesat, , and .

Panasonic has bold claims for its next generation of plasma panels which use NeoPDP technology, including better picture quality, higher efficiency, and thinner TV casings. The technology will be introduced in its flagship Z1, V10, G10 and G15 TV series.

These TVs are the first European models to feature Viera Cast and DLNA connection, allowing viewers to directly access internet content such as Eurosport, YouTube and Google’s Picasa on their TV. There’s also an enhanced Viera Link function, enabling control of compatible Panasonic digital cameras and portable Blu-ray players with the TV remote.

Z1 plasma TV is one-inch thick

The THX Certified Z1 is the flagship series at just one-inch thick, and boasts wireless full-HD wireless, avoiding the need for AV cables to the panel. It will feature 46 inch (TX-P46Z1) and 54 inch (TX-P54Z1) models.

Which? TV expert Mike Briggs said: ‘The Z1 is an exciting TV, but in Which? tests top-of-the-range 2008 Full HD Panasonic plasmas tended not to perform as well as expected as pictures felt over processed. Following Pioneer’s withdrawal from the TV market, however, Panasonic are now left carrying the flag for high-end plasma screens. We’re keen to see if they manage to address some of the power efficiency question marks that hang over plasmas, and can deliver them at a competitive price point.’

The other plasma TV ranges can be split by screen size:

  • 37-inch – TX-P37X10 and TX-P37C10
  • 42-inch – TX-P42V10, TX-P42G15, TX-P42G10, TX-P42X10, TX-P42S10 and TX-P42C10
  • 46-inch – TX-P46G15, TX-P46G10 and TX-P46S10
  • 50-inch – TX-P50V10, TX-P50G10, TX-P50X10, TX-P50S10 and TX-P50C10
Panasonic L32X15PS LCD TV

Panasonic L32X15PS LCD TV

Panasonic 2009 LCD TVs

Panasonic also unveiled new Viera LCD TVs featuring IPS Alpha panels that the manufacturer says provide clear moving pictures, high contrast, and a wide colour viewing angle. They also feature 100Hz technology that should give sharp moving images with minimal blurring, according to the company.

The V10 Series is the top LCD range, comes in 32-inch (TX-L32V10), and 37-inch (TX-L37V10) sizes, and has 100Hz Intelligent Frame Creation technology, slim design and Viera Cast, Viera Image Viewer, Viera Link, and DLNA.

The other new LCD flatscreen TVs are:

  • 19-inch – TX-L19X10
  • 26-inch – TX-L26X10 and TX-L26C10
  • 32-inch – TX-L32G10, TX-L32S10, TX-L32X15, TX-L32X10 and TX-L32C10
  • 37-inch – TX-L37G15, TX-L37G10 and TX-L37S10
  • 42-inch – TX-L42S10

If you’re thinking of waiting for these new TVs, Which? tech expert Al Warman advises: ‘With plasma TVs the entry-level ranges might be where the best bargains are to be found. Last year Which? found that the PX models proved more of a hit than the higher specification PZ ranges. 

‘Plus with the launch of Panasonic’s new range, retailers are likely to be discounting the old models, so check out our Best Buy LCD and plasma TVs so you can pounce when prices fall.

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