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Fortunate shoppers get tasty morsel

Which? initiative shows delicious way to save
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The OFT called for regulation of the sale and rent back market

Fortune cookies containing useful money saving tips have been handed out at three Sainsbury’s stores in London by Which?. Shoppers at Sainsbury’s Colliers Wood and Camden stores were offered the treats yesterday, as will anyone visiting the Islington store this lunchtime. 

Each Which? branded fortune cookie contains a message that could be worth its weight in gold. It not only includes brief advice on how to save cash in the recession, but also refers readers to the Which? money web pages.

The plan was hatched following Which? findings that reveal 90% of consumers are worried about how the recession will affect them, with house prices, interest rates and the high price of utilities and food of particular concern. 

More Which? savings tips 

The results feature in Which? Money magazine ‘How to save on household bills’, which is on sale at Sainsbury’s stores throughout the UK. The magazine draws on Which? research into different ways to lighten the financial burden for consumers by recommending a review of personal finances and taking positive action by transferring the likes of current accounts, savings accounts, credit cards, mortgages and utilities to better provider.

For instance, changing gas and electricity provider or tariff through was found to offer annual savings of £257, on average. Installing cavity wall and loft insulation saves approximately £270 on energy bills a year, while car pooling, sharing the car driving duties to and from work was found to save just under £120 a month for commuters travelling between York and Leeds.  

The magazine also recommends small-scale changes, such as drinking tap water rather than bottled water.Tap water costs around 0.2p a litre, compared with a bottle of Evian, which costs 31p a litre. Over the course of a year this would amount to a saving of £112.

Which? Money editor Martyn Hocking said: ‘If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the financial doom and gloom, then take a step back and look for simple ways to get your finances in order.

‘When times are tough there’s even more reason to make sure you get the most out of your money. Whether you’re getting a better deal on your mortgage, cutting the cost of your credit cards or looking at all those little things you spend money on without even thinking about it, taking control of your finances may make you feel more confident during these turbulent times.’

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