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Majority of drivers ‘angry’ on way to work

Survey shows Londoners are most frustrated drivers
London drivers are angriest on their commute

London drivers are angriest on their commute

The daily commute is taking its toll on drivers, according to a new poll, with Londoners least likely to enjoy their journey to work.

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Some 60% of those questioned by said they sometimes felt angry on their commute, with this figure rising to 70% for Londoners.

An average of 47 minutes a day is spent travelling to and from work – equivalent to around eight days a year, said.

Cost of commuting

The survey found motorists in the capital spend the longest amount of time behind the wheel each day (56 minutes), while those in the south west of England drive for just 40 minutes. said the average cost of fuel for commuting is £37.85 a month – or more than £454 a year. In addition, 20% of those polled said they had to pay for parking at work, spending an average of nearly £20 a week, or £1,039 a year.

The insurance company’s survey also showed that 72% of commuters travel on their own to and from work and that 68% would work from home if it was an option.

Traffic jams

Brian Martin, managing director of said: ‘Spending an average of eight days each year driving to and from work is enough to annoy even the calmest of motorists, especially when the commute includes traffic jams, road works and discourteous road users.

‘When you look at how much the commute is costing many of us on top of that, it’s enough to drive you to distraction. But maybe we should see the commute as a chance to have some time to ourselves and prepare for work, or to wind down on the way home.’

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