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Stephen Fry uses Audioboo – will you follow?

Is iPhone audio blogging app the next big thing?
Audioboo logo

AudioBoo, an Apple iPhone app that lets you record short messages and post them online, looks set to benefit from the ‘Stephen Fry phenomenon’ which saw celebrity microblogging drive Twitter into the mainstream.

The AudioBoo app, which launched in March 2009, lets users make short voice recordings – ‘Boos’ – up to three minutes long, on their iPhones, then share them online for others to listen. In comparison with Twitter, which limits users to 140 characters in a single tweet, there is more opportunity for self-expression in a three-minute audio clip.

Stephen Fry, with over 445,000 followers, is one of Britain’s biggest celebrity Twitter advocates, and has now apparently adopted AudioBoo as a new method of communication with his followers.

AudioBoo can link audio clip with images, tags and location

Unlike Twitter, AudioBoo is currently restricted to iPhone users, whereas Twitter can be used across multiple platforms and mobile phone devices. Like Twitter though, AudioBoo is free, but its developers plan to charge for additional features in the future. 

The AudioBoo app records directly to an iPhone and then uploads the audio file to the AudioBoo site, together with related images, tags, and the location, captured using the iPhone’s GPS function. This can then be plotted on a Google Map. 

Which? tech expert Al Warman said: ‘for many people who are still getting their heads round the concept of Twitter, AudioBoo might be an unwelcome addition to the multimedia information overload we face on a daily basis.

‘However, podcasts are immensely popular, and short audioblogs may build on that popularity. They also have the potential to be the next step in the evolution of news reporting.’

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