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Piaggio MP3 LT – a scooter with a difference

Piaggio scooter can be ridden on a car licence
Piaggio MP3 LT

Wide front track means Piaggio is more stable than a regular scooter in corners 

We don’t often cover scooters here at Which? but the Piaggio MP3 LT 400cc offers something a bit different.

It’s not just the unusual three-wheel design. Already available on the regular Piaggio MP3 since late 2006, the “independently tilting” pair of wheels at the front offers better cornering stability than a conventional scooter. The braking performance is better, too, and the MP3 undoubtedly feels much more secure in bad weather.

What is of particular interest with the LT version, however, is the wider front-end track. By increasing this to 465mm, it seems Piaggio has muddied the waters between a motorcycle and a quadracycle. Which means the Piaggio MP3 LT can be ridden on an ordinary UK car licence without any other formal training.

No need for a bike licence

This makes it the first 400cc scooter that can be ridden without a motorbike licence – a privilege previously restricted to certain 50cc and 125cc machines. That said, Piaggio will be offering all buyers some training for free – so the roads won’t suddenly be filled with total novices on crazily leaning three-wheelers…

Piaggio MP3 LT 2

Piaggio MP3 LT three-wheeler can be ridden with just a car licence

The Piaggio MP3 LT is an intriguing machine. And to make car drivers feel even more at home, it is fitted with a brake pedal. It’s apparently capable of stopping in a 20% shorter distance than a regular scooter thanks to its combined braking system.

So if you’re a car owner who has always wanted the convenience of a scooter for commuting but haven’t had the time to take a bike test, the Piaggio MP3 LT could be for you. Just make sure you take advantage of the training Piaggio is offering as part of the package.

Try the MP3 LT before you buy

If you want to try before you buy you can currently book a test ride online at the Piaggio test rides website. The MP3 LT will be making its debut at the London Motorexpo motor show in Canary Wharf (Monday 8 to Sunday 14 June). Test rides will be available at the show.

Pricing is yet to be confirmed, but the standard Piaggio MP3 400cc currently costs from £5,349. The MP3 LT should be available in the autumn.

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