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Sony Ericsson launches eco-friendly mobiles

GreenHeart & Naite phones claim green credentials
Sony Ericsson GreenHeart Phone logo

Sony Ericsson has announced two new mobile phones – the GreenHeart and Naite – that the company claims will have less of an impact on the environment that standard models. 

The GreenHeart and Naite mobiles boast manufacturing techniques that rely on recycled materials, as well as reduced packaging.

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Sony Ericsson C901 GreenHeart

The C901 GreenHeart will be packaged with an ‘e-manual’ which can be viewed on the device itself, in place of a paper booklet. In doing this, Sony Ericsson claims to be saving over 90% of the paper packaged with a standard mobile phone. 

The Greenheart’s casing is said to be manufactured from a minimum of 50% recycled materials, and features a light-display sensor to conserve energy. The mobile phone includes the MH300 GreenHeart headset, which is constructed from recyclable materials according to the company.

Sony Ericsson GreenHeart Mobile Phone

Both the GreenHeart C901 and the Naite come with the EP300 GreenHeart low-power charger. These greener features reduce the carbon footprint of the Naite and GreenHeart C901 by 15% during its lifetime, the manufacturer claims.

Green applications

The green theme continues with the C901’s additional features, in the form of a ‘Walkmate’ application, which counts the steps the users takes and compares with the same journey by car. The Naite has an ‘Ecomate’ application which serves as a carbon footprint calculator.

Beyond the environmental aspect of the two mobiles, the C901 is the more advanced of the pair, featuring a 5Mp camera with Xenon flash, with red-eye reduction and an auto-smile shutter, versus the Naite’s more basic 2Mp camera. Both phones have direct access to YouTube and Google Maps, as well as video-calling, and internet and email access.

The C901 should be available in summer 2009, with the Naite coming in autumn, but prices have not yet been confirmed.

Which? tech expert Al Warman says: ‘Most major mobile handset manufacturers are reflecting consumer concern over the environmental credentials of their mobiles, and announcing ways in which they claim the latest handsets are “green”.

‘Other ways in which mobile phone technology is advancing include Samsung’s Blue Earth – the world’s first solar-powered mobile, and the mobile phone charger energy rating scheme. Meanwhile, if you’re considering , make sure you read our guide to recycling your old mobile, so it doesn’t languish unloved and unused in the bottom of a drawer.’

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