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Barclaycard offers pre-application checking

Online service protects customers' credit rating

Britain’s biggest credit card provider will allow potential new customers to to make a ‘pre-application check’ online before proceeding to a full application. Although this will leave a ‘footprint’ on your credit file, it won’t affect your credit rating -even if you are rejected.


A similar service is offered by some aggregator sites, but Barclays are the first card provider to offer a preliminary check to customers. Explaining why,  Chief Executive, Amer Sajed, said: ‘Consumers currently need to apply in full for a credit card in the UK, without knowing whether they are likely to be accepted or not, leaving a search on their credit file which can potentially have a negative impact on their credit rating. This unique pre-application check solves this problem. The check can be completed in a few minutes and gives consumers a good indication of whether their application will be accepted.’  

Online ‘pre-application’

The pre-application process requires customers to fill in an online form and submit this to the bank for an initial response. 

Commenting on the new service, Which? banking expert Martyn Saville said: ‘It’s only right that the industry should take action to ensure consumers’ credit ratings aren’t damaged by applying for cards they’re unable to get. The use of footprint searches lessens the risk of this and it’s good to see Barclaycard leading the way.’ 

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