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Buy one, get one free… Later

Tesco introduces new scheme to reduce waste
Supermarket shopping

Tesco is set to introduce a new scheme, ‘Buy one, get one free – later’, to reduce waste. This staggered version of the classic supermarket promotion will enable customers to pick up their second free product at a later date.

So-called ‘BOGOF’ deals were criticised in the government’s Food 2030 report, released in August. The promotions were blamed for encouraging consumers to purchase products they didn’t need.

According to the website, 6.7m tonnes of food is thrown away by UK households every year. This costs the average family £420.

A better BOGOF option

The new scheme is likely to apply to perishable items, such as fruit and vegetables. Where shoppers think they won’t use the free item they’re entitled to quickly, they will receive a voucher enabling them to claim it at a later date.

Vouchers will carry a time limit to ensure the items customers are set to claim will still be in stock. The scheme is expected to launch before Christmas.

Which? money editor James Daley said: ‘While Tesco doesn’t have the best credentials with some environmental campaigners, this seems to be a good idea.

‘Shoppers who don’t currently bother with BOGOF deals, perhaps because the free goods they can claim won’t last, may now be able to benefit from them – and with many households still struggling financially, that’s good news.’

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