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Atag launches dishwasher for 17 place settings

Three new big capacity Atag dishwashers unveiled
Atag dishwasher

Atag has unveiled a trio of new dishwashers including a ‘deluxe’ model designed to clean 17 place settings.

The three new built-in stainless steel dishwashers are the Atag VA9611TT (17 place settings with four wash baskets), VA6611TT (16 place settings), and VA6611PT (14 place settings).

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Energy saving dishwasher features

All three dishwashers have a hidden electronic control panel with automatic programs designed to cut the dishwashers’ energy and water use.

Atag says sensors inside the dishwashers can detect the size of the load and how dirty it is, and adjust the amount of water, energy and heat used during the cycle accordingly.

Atag dishwasher cost

Which? dishwasher expert Matt Stevens says: ‘We haven’t tested the claims of Atag’s latest dishwashers but any features designed to increase energy and water efficiency are a step in the right direction. 

‘The Atag VA9611TT’s large 17 place setting capacity should suit large families and those who like to entertain at home on a regular basis.’  

The new Atag dishwashers are due in shops now, with the 17 place setting Atag VA9611TT expected to cost around £1,380. 

Atag VA9611TT dishwasher key features

  • Fully integrated and can be built in at eye level.
  • 17 place settings with four wash baskets.
  • Triple ‘A’ ratings for energy, washing and drying.
  • 9.9 litres of water in a standard wash.
  • Six temperatures and 12 programs including intensive, 20-minute Quick wash and delicate program.
  • Automatic sensor program.
  • Up to 10 spray levels. 
  • Half-load program – wash just one basket only.
  • Adjustable top basket and extra middle basket for three extra sets of cutlery.
  • Separate and movable cutlery basket.
  • Self-cleaning filters.
  • Delayed start up to 24 hours.
  • Time duration reduction and programs for temperature and drying-time adjustment.
  • Integrated control panel with LCD display and program text.
  • LED program indicator.
  • Interior light.

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