Which? finds online price changes of up to £50Online prices can change even in the same day

01 May 2010

Shopping online with a credit card

Safe shopping online with credit cards

Which? has found that online prices can change within the same day on well-known websites such as Play.com.

Our researchers tracked the prices of 10 products across 11 online shops, 3 times a day for 7 days. We found that if you don’t buy straight away, you could save up to £50.

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Save up to £50 by checking online prices

On day 4 of our price tracking the Sony Bravia TV we were following was £479.99 on Play.com – buying it on day 1 would have cost £50 more.

Argos.co.uk had already knocked £10 off the price of a Canon digital camera at the start of our tracking, but waiting until day 6 meant that we saved another £40. That same day, it raised the price of the Humax PVR we were tracking by £10.

And our Michael Buble CD played price ping pong on Play.com. It changed the price 3 times in 7 days – at one point within a 3-hour window.

Know your online shopping rights

Which? shopping expert Sarah Dennis says: ‘Under the you can cancel your order any time from placing it up to 8 working days after receiving it, so check the website you’ve ordered from a few days later to see whether cancelling your order could save you money. Given the price changes we’ve seen in our research, a saving of up to £50 could make a real difference.’

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