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Disruption to flights continues

Ash cloud and BA strikes cause more disruption

There is more disruption for air passengers this week as volcanic ash and BA strikes are keeping planes on the tarmac.

As the ash cloud from Iceland’s volcano once again made its way into UK airspace this weekend, major airports have been closed and flights grounded for the second time in less than a month.

Those due to travel today should check their airline website as information about airport closures has been changing regularly. If you are concerned about your travel plans in the days to come, or are worried about whether friends or relatives may get back from their trips overseas, the Met Office is now producing five-day ash forecasts.

If you are stranded abroad having booked a return flight on an EU-based airline, the airline has a legal obligation to look after you. The airline is required to provide you with reasonable accommodation, food and drink, and arrange for you to get back to the UK – although this may be by means other than flying.

If your flight was with a non-EU-based airline from a non-EU destination, the airline doesn’t have the same duty to look after you overseas and you may be left to your own devices.

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