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Online checkout queues cost shops £420m

Poor experience means online shops lose out
Online shopping

63% of Brits find checking out online frustrating

More than half of consumers abandon online purchases due to lengthy and frustrating checkout processes – costing shops £420m a month.

A survey from Moneybookers reports that 63% of Britons find online checkout processes too long and ultimately frustrating.

Rather than put up with poor service, online customers regularly leave sites after they’ve selected their purchase but before they’ve completed their transaction, meaning that shops lose out.

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Common online shopping complaints

Common gripes are that the payment process takes too long and is too much hassle. Three quarters of those surveyed were also put off by the amount of personal data they had to enter when making an online purchase.

Which? shopping expert Sarah Dennis says: ‘Buying online can be an easy and convenient alternative to the high street but we’re not surprised that many people find it frustrating. The Which? online shops survey showed huge differences in standards of customer service.’

Online shopping sites exposed

Moneybookers’ survey, which included a list of top 20 online shopping websites, found that on the worst sites it can take almost seven minutes and involve 11 different steps to complete a purchase after you’ve selected your item. came top of the Moneybookers survey taking just 2min and 56 seconds to complete a transaction. came bottom taking 6 min 45 seconds to pay.

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The best online shops

The most recent Which? online shopping survey covers 55 websites across eight categories from entertainment sites including and to online clothing sites including

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