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Revised Mercedes CL Coupé – First Look

Luxury coupé gets more power and lower emissions
Mercedes CL coupé

Mercedes CL coupé is bursting with hi-tech kit

Mercedes has announced a revised version of its range-topping CL coupé, complete with a new twin-turbo V8 and extra technology.

Smaller engine but more power

Perhaps only Mercedes would have the audacity to label a bi-turbo petrol V8 with the eco-friendly tag, but that’s exactly what it has done with the new Mercedes CL 500 BlueEfficiency.

The new 4.7-litre engine may be 0.8 litres smaller than before, but with 429bhp produces 12% more power and 32% more torque (pulling power), at 516lb ft. This means 0-62mph takes just 4.9 seconds (previously 5.4 seconds) and the car storms to an electronically limited speed of 155mph. Not bad for a car weighing nearly two tonnes.

The supposedly ‘eco’ part comes with the introduction of third generation direct petrol injection, start/stop technology, brake energy recuperation and other detail changes. Altogether, this sees a drop from 288g/km CO2 to 224g/km CO2.

Fuel economy is officially listed as 29.7mpg at best (according to official EU testing cycles). The 510bhp CL 600 twin-turbo V12 petrol remains available in the UK as a special order only, and is now Euro 5 emissions-compliant.

Mercedes CL interior

Mercedes CL cabin is a mixture of lavish luxury and gadgets

A thinking partner…

As befits a range-topping Mercedes, the amount of high-tech kit available on the updated CL is truly dazzling.

The driver-assistance systems are now so sophisticated that the company claims ‘these highly perceptive assistants convert the Mercedes into a “thinking” partner that can see, feel and react instantly if it detects a hazard, acting autonomously to prevent accidents or to mitigate their effects’.

State-of-the-art radar, camera and sensor technology all act together to achieve this result. New to Mercedes, for example, is Active Lane-Keeping Assist. This not only warns you if you’re about to stray out of your lane by vibrating the steering wheel, it will actually counteract the movement by braking the opposite side of the car if no action is taken by the driver. 

Working along the same lines is the new Blind Spot Assist, which as well as warning you visibly and audibly if you’re about to change lanes into a vehicle hidden in your blind spot, can again brake the opposite side of the car to prevent or reduce the impact of an accident.

Mercedes CL coupé rear

Redesigned taillights now use LEDs

Attention Assist and Active Body Control

Other high technology safety solutions for the revised CL include Adaptive Main Beam Assist (adaptive lighting with main beam control), Night View Assist Plus (night vision), Speed Limit Assist (which reads road signs to give you speed limit information), Brake Assist (BAS Plus) and Distronic Plus proximity cruise control – both of which use the on-board radar to monitor other vehicle movements.

Meanwhile, Mercedes’ Pre-Safe can recognise the imminent onset of a collision and prepare the car accordingly to minimise the risk of injury, while Attention Assist makes the leap from the latest E-Class, and monitors the driver for signs of drowsiness.

Finally, the new Active Body Control system works with the variable steering ratio and adjustable suspension to such an extent it can now counteract crosswinds. In addition, ‘torque vectoring’ of the rear axle is now achieved via the brakes in order to help the CL corner with greater agility.

Splitview screen upgrade

Moving on to in-car entertainment, the new CL is now available with Splitview screen technology.

First seen on Jaguars and Land Rovers, this allows the driver to see the satellite navigation or other car-related info while the front seat passenger watches a DVD – on the same screen. It is standard on the CL 600, optional on the CL 500.

There are also upgrades to the available navigation systems, voice control and surround sound, plus new hard disc drive-based storage options and a six-DVD changer as part of the Entertainment Package.

Latest Mercedes looks

As you can see, styling-wise the revised CL is all new from the windscreen pillars forward – a modern look intended to match the new CLS four-door coupé coming later this year. It now features LED daytime running lights and LED indicators, and the rear features redesigned tail lights.

On the inside it’s all hand-finished wood and luxurious leather, with upgrades especially to the seats and the multifunction steering wheel.

No word yet on pricing, but the current CL starts at £88,325 – so don’t expect a bargain.



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