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Asda supermarket price ad banned

Supermarked rapped after Tesco complains
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Asda has once again been rapped by advertising watchdog the ASA for making misleading claims about offering cheaper prices than its supermarket rivals.

Advertising watchdog ASA banned the press advert, which claimed over 1,000 price reductions and included the slogan ‘lower prices than any other supermarket’, after Tesco challenged its claims for being ambiguous and misleading.

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Asda in misleading ad rap

Asda defended the advert, saying a footnote stated that its price comparison was only against Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons, and that the price reductions had all taken place before the ad was published.

But the ASA said the ad was misleading because the footnote contradicted the main claim and the ad implied all price reductions had taken place the week before it was published, which wasn’t the case.

Asda also faced scrutiny from the ASA in July 2010 over its claim of a ‘100-day guarantee’ on its George clothing range in a TV advert. 

Tesco ad banned last week

Asda’s latest ad ban comes just a week after its own complaint about a Tesco TV advert comparing its prices with Asda was also upheld by the ASA.

The Tesco ad claimed it had over a million shopping baskets cheaper than Asda, but the ASA banned the ad, ruling that the basis for comparison couldn’t be verified.

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