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New washing machine claims to use 50% less energy

Beko washer halves the cost of a single load
Beko A+++++2

Beko claims its new washer halves the cost of a 60°C load

Update, March 2011: the results are in – find out whether the Beko WMB81445L lived up to its energy efficiency claims. 

Beko says its latest washing machine can wash two 60°C cotton loads for the price of one. Its billed as having a ‘A+++++’ energy rating which means it uses 50% less electricity than a standard A-rated machine. 

The new WMB81445L has a large 8kg capacity and is expected to go on sale priced £380. Although ‘A’ is the most efficient officially-recognised energy rating for a washing machine, this Beko machine claims to have a rating of A+++++. Each + represents a further 10% energy saving on a standard A classification.

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Which? washing machine expert Vivienne Fitzroy says: ‘The claim A+++++ may sound impressive, but it doesn’t automatically translate into savings at home. 

‘Official energy labels refer to a 60°C program but we know that the most widely used programs are 40°C washes. Which? tests energy consumption based on the programs consumers actually use so they get a more realistic idea of how a washer will impact their energy bill. You can see how different washers are rated in our tests in our washing machine review‘.

Energy-saving washing machines

Energy efficiency is a growing trend for washing machines. We’ve already tested the AEG-Electrolux L645850LE Super Eco machine which claimed to be an A+ machine and saves energy by using cold water for washing.

Samsung has also launched a ‘greener’ machine which makes bold energy-saving claims. The Eco Bubble washing machine claims to use 70% less energy by washing with cool water, while still achieving the same cleaning performance as a 40°C wash.You can see it in action in our , and we’ll be posting full lab test results for it soon in our washing machine review.

Beko washing machine features

The WMB81445L has an 8kg capacity so it will fit plenty of laundry into a single load and it has an additional 16 programs including a dedicated sports wash program and a baby and toddler setting, which Beko says will remove excess detergent.

It also has two fast wash programs that claim to wash a full 8kg load in 28 minutes, and a 2kg load in 14 minutes. We’ve already tested the Beko WMD78144 Xpress which claimed to be the fastest washing machine in the world and also washed an 8kg load in under half an hour.

Which? will be testing the WMB81445L’s energy-saving claims and washing performance in our labs in the coming months.

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