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Nissan reveals electric New Mobility Concept

Two-saet electric car could cost around £5,000
Nissan New Mobility Concept

New Mobility Concept has 20bhp

Nissan releases details of its all-electric New Mobility Concept – and it looks more than a little bit familiar…

That’s because the New Mobility Concept is Nissan’s take on the Renault Twizy Z.E., an electric two-seater that’s heading for market in the UK in 2012.

Electric commitment from Nissan

As far as we can tell, Nissan has simply borrowed a Twizy and stuck its own badges on.

But then, the two carmakers are alliance partners, so this kind of thing is to be expected – especially when they’re both committed to producing all-electric mainstream vehicles as well.

Nissan is first to the punch here in the UK with the Leaf. Available to pre-order now, this all-electric family car arrives in showrooms next year. But Renault is already readying the Fluence Z.E. all-electric saloon in other countries, and the French carmaker will have a whole range of electric cars available by the end of 2012.

All Renault’s electric machines are suffixed ‘Z.E’, which stands for Zero Emissions.

Read our review of the Nissan Leaf or see our video review of the Renault Fluence Z.E.

Nissan New Mobility Concept

Battery range is around 60 miles

Nissan’s Twizy

The Renault Twizy Z.E. and its Nissan equivalent are the least conventional of any of these.

The vehicle is a tandem seater, with the passenger positioned directly behind the driver rather than next to them. Powered by a 20bhp electric motor that’s driven by a lithium ion battery pack, it is aiming to offer all the manoeuvrability of a scooter, but with better stability, weather protection and safety.

The electric drivetrain means it creates zero tailpipe emissions, and should offer extremely low running costs. Maximum range is around 60 miles, with a top speed of 47mph. The compact size, meanwhile, aims to solve future congestion and mobility issues – not to mention making it easy to park.

Just a concept – for now

Nissan has not yet confirmed it will build a production version of its New Mobility Concept, but says it is evaluating the situation, and the functions such a vehicle might perform.

It seems to us that with Renault pressing ahead regardless, it is unlikely that its Japanese partner won’t take advantage of the idea and follow close behind.

The Twizy is expected to cost no more than a well-specified electric scooter – which currently means around £5,000.

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