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10 ways to save on electricity and heating

How to save money, save energy and stay warm
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Use less electricity to cut your energy bills

With gas demand set to hit record levels this winter, Which? shows you how to beat the winter freeze and get the most out of energy bills and electrical appliances.

Efficient TVs 

TVs such as the Samsung UE46C6505 have sensors that adjust the screen’s backlighting depending on the light level in the room, cutting power use by 30%-50%. See our guide to energy saving appliances for more details.


Up to half of the heat in your home disappears through the roof and walls. Installing 270mm of insulation in your loft is a relatively simple job, could cost as little as £250 and can cut your bills by £100 a year. Visit our guide to buying loft insulation for more.

Switch now

You could save hundreds of pounds on your energy bills by switching your supplier. On average people who used our own switching service – Which? Switch – saved £270 last year. 

Energy check

Want to save on heating but not sure where to start? Carry out a free home energy check on the Energy Saving Trust website. Its online tool claims it can save you as much as £250 a year.


Energy monitors show you how much electricity you use in real time. They can help you cut energy wastage and save you money. Our cheapest Best Buy energy monitor costs less than £35 – see our reviews to find out the best and worst energy monitors.

Lower bills

Reduce your bills by paying by direct debit and getting a ‘dual fuel tariff’ (where your gas and electricity come from the same supplier). Sending your supplier accurate meter readings can also cut your bills. See more expert tips on cutting energy costs through savvy shopping in our page on cutting energy costs.

Boiler servicing

You should get your boiler serviced regularly. Our latest survey of boiler cover reveals which leave their customers most satisfied. But contracts can be dear. You may be better paying for one-off repairs. Use Which? Local to find a reliable local engineer.


Don’t leave your electricals on standby. If you turn off DVD players, set-top boxes and computers, you could save up to £40 a year. Visit our guide to using less electricity for more info.

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