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DIY skills ‘could be extinct in 40 years’

Modern men prefer the latest gadgets
Carpenter with tools

The boom in technology could mean that DIY dies out within 40 years, according to new research.

A study from AA Home Emergency Response reveals that modern men would prefer to express their masculinity through a grasp of the latest technology gadgets, and not through the drill-wielding stereotype of the traditional handyman

While those aged 65 or above are most likely to describe themselves as ‘handy’, young men under the age of 25 are least likely to say they’re adept at home repairs.

DIY or get a professional?

According to our DIY expert, there are eight jobs that will keep your home in good shape – and you could save £1,500 if you did them all yourself. Have a look at our DIY home repairs guide to see which repairs are essential, how often they’re required and how difficult they are to do.

Some jobs are too big for even the most confident DIY-er. Our guide to tradespeople costs lists what you should expect to pay for common building, plumbing, electrical and roofing jobs – and has advice on how to get the best value quote. If you need to find a professional to help out with work, Which? Local lists Which? member-recommended traders local to you.

Fathers not passing down skills

21st century men may be expressing a preference for computers and techno-gadgets over power tools – but at the same time, fewer dads are passing home maintenance skills on to their sons.

AA spokesman Tom Stringer said: ‘By 2030 just one in five men will receive basic DIY knowledge from their father.

‘If the trend continues, home maintenance skills could be on the road to “extinction” by as early as 2048, resulting in a nation of no-can-do homeowners.’

While in the 1970s 71% of men learned DIY skills from their dads, that figure has fallen to 44% today. 

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