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Shares iPhone app relaunches with new functions

Monitor your portfolio on the move
Stock market

Shareprice Live allows you to track stock prices in real time

Shareprice Live, the mobile application from Interactive Investor, has relaunched this year with an improved way to monitor your portfolio of shares.

The app is available to UK investors, on the iPhone, iPod and iPod Touch, giving you access to the entire London Stock Exchange in real time, as well as 13 currency values and 17 stock markets and commodity indices.

What can Shareprice Live do?

Shareprice Live enables you to build a portfolio of up to 50 stocks, which you can analyse in real time. You’re provided with bid and offer prices, daily and annual ranges in price. As well as this, the app allows you to read news on the company, discuss the company in an online forum, look up key events for the company in question and look at real time trading volumes.

One of the most interest parts of the Shareprice app is that you can set an alert for when the share price hits a certain level. This could be particularly handy for those who are spreadbetting or investing on the stock market over the short term.

Is Shareprice Live any good?

Shareprice Live is the only app available to UK investors that can provide full access to companies listed on the London Stock Exchange and is very useful to those who take a very active role investing in the stock market.

For those who simply want to know what the markets are up to, the application may be too complicated. Yahoo! Finance comes in built with the iPhone, for example, and this allows you to look at the performance of the core stock market indices in a flash, without having to go through the rather laborious registration process.

If you’re thinking about investing for the first time, check out the Which? beginner’s guide to investment before you get started – and consider seeking professional financial advice before parting with your money.

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