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Miele to launch ‘velvet’ vacuum cleaner

Miele Red Velvet vacuum is part of new S6 range
Miele Red Velvet cylinder vacuum cleaner

A red vacuum cleaner with an unusual velvety finish is one of the models soon to go on sale as part of Miele’s new S6 vacuum range.

Miele says the Red Velvet S6730 cylinder vacuum cleaner, with its tactile red ‘velvet’ surface finish, is designed with style-conscious homeowners in mind.

It’s one of several cylinder vacuum cleaner models making up Miele’s new S6 range, due to go on sale in March with prices starting at around £179. We’ll be testing these in the Which? test lab soon.

If you’re looking for a new vacuum cleaner now, we’ve also rated plenty of other Miele models in our vacuum cleaners review, and if you’d like to see why a Best Buy will do a much better job than other models, check out our ‘What makes a Best Buy vacuum cleaner?‘ video.

Miele Red Velvet vacuum cleaner

New Miele vacuum cleaners

If velvet isn’t your thing, then the rest of the S6 range has something to ‘suit all lifestyles’, according to Miele, including versions of its popular Cat & Dog and vacs. The new cylinder vacuum cleaner models include:

  • Miele S6290 Silence – Miele’s quietest vacuum ‘ever’, according to the company, with a ‘silent’ motor that’s insulated to reduce noise levels
  • Miele S6210 Power and S6220 Cat & Dog – both come with 2,000W motors, ‘telescopic’ suction tube and ‘smooth running’ floor head, while the latter has been specially designed to tackle pet hair
  • Miele S6240 Ecoline – which runs with a low 1,200W motor, but still delivers ‘first class dust pick up’, thanks to a new ‘Airteq’ floorhead, designed for low wattages.

All are bagged vacuum cleaners. The vacs are also equipped with high-performance Hepa filters – designed to keep small particles like allergens in the vac once they’ve been sucked up. 

Which? on Miele

Which? vacuum cleaners expert Katie Hill says: ‘Having a velvety, tactile finish is all well and good – as long as Miele’s S6 range can clean, too. Miele has produced some great vacs so far, so it’ll be interesting to see how the S6290 Silence compares with the “” – and whether the S6240 Ecoline is more efficient than the slightly more powerful S4212 Ecoline Miele launched last year.’

Our vacuum cleaners review includes test results for 18 cylinder and upright vacuum cleaners from Miele.

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