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Morrisons buys Kiddicare

What will it learn from the baby products website?
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Morrisons has bought Kiddicare for £70 million but will the baby site’s reputation for good customer service rub-off on the supermarket giant?

UK supermarket chain Morrisons has bought baby products specialist Kiddicare in an attempt to develop its own online offering.

Morrisons says Kiddicare will continue to trade separately as, but Which? will be interested in the effect each company has on the other, particularly in terms of customer service.

Kiddicare customer satisfaction

Which? home editor Liz Edwards says: ‘Kiddicare has a reputation for good customer service and in our online shops survey late last year it achieved a customer score of 86%, making it the second most popular site for baby and toddler products.

‘In our recent supermarket customer satisfaction survey Morrisons scored 59% and came fifth. It will be interesting to see what it can learn from Kiddicare about keeping customers happy.’

Which? will continue to monitor how well these companies are doing for customer satisfaction. Which? members can log in to see full survey results in our best sites for buying baby products guide and the February magazine supermarket article.

Buying baby products online

Buying online can be a good way to pick up bargain baby products, and we have several guides to help you find the best deals – including top sites for pushchair deals. However, there are some products that are best bought in person.

Which? child car seats expert Dave Evans warns: ‘Car seats can be complicated to fit and unless you fit them correctly, they may not offer the necessary protection for your child. Even the best seats available may be compromised if they are incorrectly installed.’

‘We recommend you seek expert advice on fitting your child car seat. Always try it out in your car with your child before you buy.’

You can find advice on fitting car seats, details of common installation problems and an exclusive video guide on fitting a child car seat properly in our guide how to fit a car seat.

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