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Scottish boiler scrappage scheme extended

£1m worth of boiler-upgrade vouchers up for grabs

An additional £1m worth of funding has been released by the Scottish government to extend the Scottish boiler scrappage scheme.

The move follows the complete uptake of vouchers from last year’s boiler scrappage scheme, which launched May 2010.

The Scottish Boiler Scrappage Scheme will offer home owners or occupiers £400 towards the cost of upgrading inefficient boilers with an Energy Saving Trust Recommended boiler.

The scheme is open for applications now, although applicants should obtain a written or verbal quote from an installer before making an application. There are currently an estimated 250,000 homes in Scotland that have boilers of the least efficient type (efficiency of less than 70%). 

To find out more about the scheme, visit our boiler scrappage scheme guide. For information on how to buy, install and upgrade your boiler, visit our boilers video buying guide.

What is the boiler scrappage scheme?

Boiler scrappage schemes subsidise the upgrading of household heating systems to cut carbon and save money on fuel bills by encouraging households with inefficient boilers to replace them with new A-rated boilers

Boiler scrappage schemes operated in England, Scotland and Wales in 2010, but there are no current plans to re-open the English or Welsh schemes.

Applying for the Scottish boiler scrappage scheme

To apply for the Scottish scheme you must fit the following criteria.

  • You must be replacing a working boiler with a SAP2005 efficiency rating of less than 70% as detailed on To find out if your system is eligible, contact the Home Energy Scotland Hotline on 0800 512 012. However, if you are aged over 60 and have a boiler that is not working but has a SAP2005 efficiency rating of less than 70%, you may still apply.
  • You must be installing an Energy Saving Trust Recommended (ESTR) boiler or a Microgeneration Certification Scheme accredited microgeneration technology (such as solar panels). You can find a list of ESTR boilers on the Energy Saving Trust website.
  • The property where the boiler is to be installed must be a domestic address in Scotland.
  • You must be the owner or occupier of the residential property in Scotland in which the new boiler will be installed.
  • You must have received a written or verbal quotation for your boiler replacement before making an application.
  • You must make an application and receive your voucher before having the boiler replaced.
  • Work on the installation must not have started before the date on which the rebate voucher is received.
  • You have not received, nor will you be receiving, an Energy Saving Scotland home renewables grant or home loan offer, and/or any Cert funding towards the installation of your new boiler.
  • The installer must be Gas Safe registered (for gas installation) and should be a member of a recognised industry body such as CLE, SNIPEF or OFTEC. Installation of a microgeneration technology must be carried out by a person qualified under the Microgeneration Certification Scheme.

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