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N&SI bonds relaunch to help fight inflation

Chancellor pledges £2bn to aid stricken savers
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Inflation proof savings bonds look set to be reintroduced

With inflation reaching 5.5% in February, Chancellor George Osborne has thrown savers a lifeline by annoucing the reintroduction of National Savings and Investments (NS&I) inflation-linked bonds in the 2011 Budget.

In the Osborne’s Budget Document, it was revealed that the Chancellor wants to raise £2bn for the government bank through NS&I bonds.

Why did NS&I close these inflation-linked bonds?

When inflation began to surge last year, N&SI was besieged with subscriptions to its inflation linked bonds, as savers looked for an inflation shelter for their cash. So in September 2010, when RPI was at 4.6%, NS&I closed subscriptions to its inflation linked bonds

Since then, only a few savings products have been launched to help savers beat inflation, of varying quality. With inflation at its current level, a basic rate taxpayer needs a return of 6.87% before tax and a higher rate taxpayer needs to earn 9.17% on their cash, just to keep pace with the Retail Prices Index (RPI) .

Now, with RPI up to 5.5% – its highest level since 1991 – and no changes to interest rates from the Bank of England (which might help to combat inflation), NS&I’s bonds are again open for business.

What do the NS&I inflation-linked bonds offer savers?

You will get a return linked to RPI for a fixed period. Your savings are fully backed by the government and returns are paid free of tax.

Previous bonds paid 1% over inflation – it is not known whether the same terms will be offered to new savers.

In a statement yesterday, NS&I said: ‘Subject to market conditions, NS&I expect to be bringing savings certificates back on general sale in 2011/12. NS&I can also confirm that a new issue of index-linked savings certificates will retain index-linking against the RPI.’

Which? savings expert Rebecca Fearnley says: ‘This is good news for savers. With so many savings accounts struggling to keep up with inflation, the NS&I index-linked bonds offer a welcome guaranteed, tax-free return.’

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