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AEG unveils ‘quietest blender on the market’

PowerMix Silent jug blender revealed by AEG
AEG's SB4600 PowerMix Silent blender

AEG’s SB4600 PowerMix Silent blender

AEG claims that its new PowerMix Silent blender is so quiet you can talk while using it and still be heard.

Most blenders produce an average of 85-95 decibels, according to AEG, but it says its two new models – the SB4600 and SB4400 – produce just 77 decibels.

As quiet as a…vacuum cleaner?

Which? home editor Liz Edwards says: ‘The prospect of a quieter blender that you can actually talk over certainly sounds appealing.

‘However, I’m not sure an appliance operating at 77 decibels really deserves to be called “silent” as this is only a few decibels quieter than the average cylinder vacuum cleaner.’

We’ll bring you our first impressions of the AEG PowerMix Silent blender as soon as we get our hands on one. In the meantime if you’re shopping for a new blender, our jug blender review reveals ratings for 36 of the latest models, and recommends the top eight as Best Buys.

PowerMix Silent blender features

Two PowerMix Silent models are available – the SB4400 in antique steel (£99.99) is available from Comet stores, while the SB4600 in deep aubergine (£149.99) is only available online.

Both models feature a triangular jug which, according to AEG, means that all your ingredients are ‘sucked to the sharp stainless steel knives for a perfect mixing result’. AEG says the blenders should be easy to clean as the jug is completely smooth on the inside so nothing gets stuck, the knives can be cleaned separately and the jar is dishwasher-proof.

The SB4600 also comes with a mini-chopper and a juice filter and it has a continuous speed dial (rather than having set levels) – so you have more control over the the speed. 

Quiet blenders

When we test jug blenders in the Which? lab, we get three independent testers to rate each model on a scale of one to five for noise – and the noisiest we’ve found is the Cuisinart Elite Power Jug blender.

If you want a particularly quiet model, you can use our compare features and prices tool to find all models that scored four stars or more for noise – the higher the rating for noise, the quieter it is.

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