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The £250 Philips jug blender – is it worth the cash?

We reveal all in our latest test of jug blenders
Philips Robust blender

At £250, the Philips Robust collection jug blender is one of the most expensive on the market – but is it any good? 

As part of our latest round of blender tests, we’ve been blending, pureeing and crushing ice to find out if you need to spend £250 decent blender or if a £30 model will do the job just as well.

UPDATED 10/01/12: We reveal full testing results in our Philips Robust HR2818 blender review.

Latest blender reviews

We’ve put 10 of the latest blenders – including the Philips Robust HR2181 blender – through tough tasks to separate the good blenders from the bad. 

While the Robust blender looks the part, sleek styling doesn’t always guarantee lump-free soup or smoothies. 

If £250 is too expensive for your blending budget, head over to our jug blenders review to view full test results for more than 30 other models already reviewed, with Best Buys starting from less than £30.

We also reveal full test results for the latest blenders from Kenwood and Philips, as well as the first blender from new brand Villaware.

Finding the best blender

Which? kitchen appliance expert Lisa Galliers, says: ‘We put blenders through a range of tough tests to see how well they cope. 

‘Most can do the basic blending tasks quite well, but we add in special ingredients that really test out the blending capabilities of the blender.’

Tough tests

To test a blender’s smoothie-making ability, we add root ginger to see if the blades are effective enough to blend this tricky ingredient as well as the rest of the mixture.

We also mix mayonnaise as this requires combining delicate ingredients gently without overheating and spoiling the mixture.

A blender should be easy to use, too, otherwise it will be left to gather dust in a cupboard, so we make sure they’re simple to use and easy to keep clean.

Hand blenders

If your kitchen space is limited, your blending needs don’t have to suffer – head over to our hand blenders review, where you can find storage-friendly Best Buy hand blenders. 

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