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Ofcom reveals most complained about providers

Telecoms complaints between April and June 2011
Ofcom publishes telecoms complaints data

Ofcom complaints data for landline services shows TalkTalk Group to be the most complained about provider between April and June 2011

TalkTalk Group tops Ofcom’s latest complaints report as the most complained about landline and fixed broadband provider between April and June 2011. 

Ofcom has today revealed its latest telecoms complaints report. The telecoms regulator hopes that releasing the data will provide useful information for consumers, and will give the providers themselves a reason to improve their performance. 

Landline provider complaints

Between April and June 2011 Ofcom received the most complaints about TalkTalk Group. There were 0.8 complaints for every 1000 customers. On a more positive note though, this has at least improved since the last report when complaints levels were higher. 

The least complained about provider is Virgin Media with only 0.15 complaints for every 1000 customers between April and June 2011. 

Fixed broadband provider complaints

The picture looks very similar for fixed broadband with TalkTalk Group again topping the complaints list with 0.58 complains for every 1000 customers. Again though, to give them their dues, they have improved since the last survey when it was 0.81 customers. 

BSkyB, BT Retail and Orange all had less complaints over the same period. Virgin Media are the least complained about here too with 0.15 complaints for every 1000 customers. 

The only provider in this area to have received a higher level of complaints since the last quarter was BT Retail, but the increase was small, 0.01 complaints more for every 1000 customers. 

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