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CES 2012 highlights – day 3

CES 2012 highlights with TVs and ultrabooks
Panasonic TVs at CES 2012

TVs have been one of the CES 2012 highlights

CES 2012 has seen a burst of new announcements over the past few days – from the evolution of TVs with OLED technology to the arrival of the ultrabook. 

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas showcases the top tech products we can expect to see in the shops over the coming 12 months.

CES 2012 highlights – day 3

Our tech team has been at the show all week trying out dozens of new products – and they’ve also been picking out some of their favourites.

Find out what will be setting tech trends in 2012 with our pick of the best CES 2012 highlights.

OLED technology trend

With the launch of 55-inch OLED TVs from both Samsung and LG, OLED technology has been a key trend at the show this year. Manufacturers seem confident that they have cracked the difficulty in adapting OLED to bigger and better screens and think the technology is destined for our living rooms soon. 

But with prices still in the thousands, consumers will want to know exactly what they get before parting with their cash. The tech team has been asking LG and Samsung what OLED TV is and what the benefits are of buying an OLED TV versus a standard LED TV. Is the picture really that much better?

Best cameras at CES 2012

Faced with the increasingly sophisticated cameras attached to smartphones, CES 2012 was a critical show for camera manufacturers and we’ve seen a few key developments and innovations.

Built-in Wi-Fi has appeared on the Samsung WB140 to allow users to upload their photos straight to the web while the Sony Bloggie Live camcorder goes one step further and allows you to stream what you’re shooting live. We’ve also seen new cameras from Fujifilm, Nikon and Canon. You can see the cameras that impressed at the show in our best cameras at CES 2012 round-up.

Ultrabook trend

The undoubted star of the show has been the ultrabook – an extra thin type of laptop – and HP, Samsung and Dell are just some of the big brand names releasing ultrabooks over the next 12 months.

With ultrabooks tipped to replace netbooks and – in some expert opinions – challenge both traditional laptops and even the tablet, the Which? Tech team has been asking Intel exactly what are ultrabooks and what makes them exceptional?

Top 5 smartphones at CES 2012

With no Apple presence at CES, rival phone manufacturers had an opportunity to steal some of the limelight and hopefully gain a few customers at the show.

We didn’t see a huge amount of innovation, although the Asus Padphone – essentially a separate smartphone and tablet that are sold together and can be docked – could be the start of more integration between devices. Find out which other smartphones turned heads in our pick of the top five smartphones at CES.

And finally, if you’re looking for the best of the best at CES 2012, see our CES 2012 highlights video – where we pick the top six products that impressed us.

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