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Sky launches fibre broadband and internet TV

Joins BT and Virgin Media in 'superfast' camp
Sky launches fibre broadband service

Sky will launch a up to 40Mbps fibre broadband service later this year

Sky has announced it will launch a fibre broadband service in April 2012 as well as a new online TV service allowing customers to watch its content online.

Sky’s Broadband Unlimited Fibre package will offer speeds of up to 40Mbps and is planned to be initially available to around 30% of UK homes when it launches in a few months time. 

Sky’s new internet TV service will also be launched in the first half of 2012 and will allow anyone in the UK with a broadband connection – not just Sky TV customers – to access content on a pay-monthly or pay as you go basis.

Sky adds superfast broadband

Sky will be adding to the increasing number of superfast fibre broadband options available to customers in the UK this April. Its Broadband Unlimited Fibre package will cost customers £20 a month but you’ll also need to take Sky line rental which costs an additional £12.25 a month. According to Sky, the service will be ‘totally unlimited’ with no usage caps. 

Sky’s fibre broadband package promises customers an advertised speed of up to 40Mbps. While speed tests show normal ADSL broadband rarely matches the advertised ‘up to’ speed, Ofcom research has shown the actual speeds you’ll get from a fibre or cable service are much closer to the advertised speeds.

Availability of the service will increase over time in line with BT’s fibre roll-out. Sky has also announced today an extension to its standard broadband network meaning 88% of the UK will now be able to access its standard broadband network. According to the company, this is an additional 1 million homes. 

New Sky Internet TV service

A selection of Sky’s TV content is planned to be available to those who aren’t signed up for one of Sky’s pay TV services. This means you can now watch Sky content without signing up to a contract, you will still have to pay for it though. The service will launch with Sky Movies, but will expand to offer sport and entertainment programs at a later date. 

Sky says customers will be able to pay monthly for unlimited access to Sky Movies for example, or rent a one-off film. The service will be available on a number of devices including PCs, Macs, mobile phones tablets and Smart TVs. 

The existing Sky Go service, which allows Sky TV customers to watch live TV on the move, will also continue. Sky has said it will be developing this service alongside the new wider internet TV service. It can also be accessed on a number of devices and a version for the Android operating system is expected next month. 

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