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Safety alert: Chicco Polly high chair

Free safety kit for all high chair owners
Chicco Polly Magic high chair

Chicco has issued a safety alert following reports of children sustaining injuries as a result of falling against some protruding pegs on the back of its popular Polly and Polly Magic high chairs.

There have been several reports in the US of children sustaining cuts and lacerations after falling against protruding pegs on the back of Chicco high chairs.

Chicco has responded to the reports by offering free safety kits to all owners of Chicco Polly and Chicco Polly Magic high chairs.

Which? deputy home editor Hazel Cottrell said: ‘The reports of injuries have come from the US but the models that were sold in the UK have the same design. 

‘There’s a straightforward solution to this potential hazard so it’s good to see that Chicco is offering a free kit to all of its customers.’

You can read our full review of the Chicco Polly Magic to find out what we thought of this high chair when it was thoroughly tested in our lab.

High chair safety kit

To get your kit you need to phone Chicco’s customer care line or 01623 750 870 or visit Chicco’s website.

The pegs in question are those on some older models of the Polly and Polly Magic, which are positioned on the outside of the rear legs of the high chair.  They are there to allow you to fix the tray to the high chair when it’s not in use.

Chicco Polly tray pegs

Models that were in the shops from January 2011 do not have this feature. The storage pegs should not be confused with the small push pins on the inside of the rear legs that allow the high chair to be taken apart for storage.  Therefore, if you’ve bought your Polly or Polly Magic since January 2011 you do not need the safety kit.

A temporary fix 

While you are waiting for your safety kit you can eliminate the risk of your child being injured on the pegs by always storing the tray on them when it is not in use.

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