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Top 10 cars for time off the road – and on it

The cars most and least likely to need repairs
Cars off road the longest

In the 2012 Which? Car Survey we asked about the reliability of your cars. This allowed us to find out how many faults each model had in the last year and how much your repair bills were.  

We also asked how many days your car has spent off the road being repaired over the last 12 months. This week we’re bringing you the five cars aged 0-3 years that are likely to be off the road longest, and the five cars that should keep you mobile all year round. 

Next week we’ll reveal the same data for cars in the 4-8 year old category – outside the average warranty period.

Best and worst cars for repairs – video 


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Cars likely to be off the road most

1. Peugeot 3008 – 1.94 days
The spacious, family-friendly MPV from Peugeot tops our list of cars off the road the longest, spending an average of just under two days a year in a garage. The main fault seems to be the automatic transmission, so consider a manual model if you buy a 3008.

Land Rover Disco 4

2. Land Rover Discovery 4 – 1.82 days
This desirable 4×4 is a true off-roader – not just in design but also because it spends an average of 1.82 days a year being repaired. Luckily, the majority of faults are fairly minor and repair costs average out to £36 throughout the year.

3. Alfa Romeo Giulietta – 1.37 days
Alfa Romeo has a poor reputation when it comes to reliability. Unfortunately, its latest model, the Giulietta, does little to remedy that. Striking looks and excellent safety credentials appeal to many customers, but issues with the interior mean it spent an average of 1.37 days off the road.

BMW 3 Series

4. BMW 3 Series Convertible – 1.33 days
The 3 Series Convertible is not a cheap car. So it’s disappointing that for at least one day of the year you’re unlikely to be able to drive it due to a fault. Average annual repair costs are only £14, but should you have to pay this after splashing out over £30,000?

5. Citroën C5 and C5 Tourer – 1.29 days
The Citroën C5 is not only one of the cars most likely to be off the road, it’s also one of the most expensive to repair. Average annual repair costs come to £103, and faults with the washers/wipers, air-con and onboard computer are most common.

Cars likely to be off the road least

Renault Scenic

1. Renault Scénic – 0.02 days
Another MPV tops the charts, this time for all the right reasons. The Scénic is the car least likely to be off the road, with an impressive average of 0.02 days in the garage over 12 months. It’s also one of only five cars which will cost you nothing in repair costs over the same period.

2. Vauxhall Meriva– 0.05 days
A range of faults affected the Meriva throughout last year, such as problems with the dashboard display and engine control unit. However, none of these faults kept it off the road for long, with an average of just 0.05 days on the ramp.

Kia cee'd

3. Kia Cee’d – 0.09 days
The Cee’d has plenty of all-round ability, plus impressive reliability data with an industry-leading warranty to back it up. The 2012 model has recently been launched, but if you’re buying the old model it should still be covered by the warranty. Those under three years old stay on the road almost all year on average.

4. Kia Picanto – 0.09 days
Another Kia, the Picanto, gets fourth spot. This data refers to the 2004-2011 model, but we would expect similar results for the latest version. Overall reliability for this car is great and the average annual repair bill is just £5.

Lexus RX

5. Lexus RX – 0.09 days
The Lexus RX is comfortable, luxurious and has fantastic reliability. On average, models under three years old will only spend 0.09 days off the road a year and any faults tend to be minor, with electric windows the main problem.

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