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Which? reveals Best Buy washing-up liquids

Best liquid on test is also one of the cheapest
Fairy Original

The latest Which? test of washing-up liquids has revealed four Best Buys, including two supermarket own-brands that cost less than £1 per bottle.

And one of those supermarket liquids is our top-scoring Best Buy, as well as being one of the cheapest products we tested.

That means that market-leading Fairy Original didn’t make the grade as our top-rated Best Buy. Our washing-up liquids review shows you how we rated Fairy, and what the four Best Buys are.

If you’re not already a Which? member, you can find out which are the best washing-up liquids as revealed by our expert tests by taking out a £1 trial subscription.

One Don’t Buy washing-up liquid

Not all cheap supermarket washing-up liquids proved to be good – one was bad enough to be rated a Don’t Buy.

It could only remove fat from nine plates before losing its effectiveness. The best liquids we tested washed more than twice that amount.

Washing-up liquids tested

The full list of washing-up liquids tested:

  • Aldi Magnum Premium Eucalyptus Antibacterial, 69p (500ml)
  • Aldi Magnum Premium Original, 59p (500ml)
  • Ecover Camomile & Marigold, £1.50 (500ml)
  • Ecover Lemon & Aloe Vera, £1.50 (500ml)
  • Fairy Clean & Care Aloe Vera & Cucumber, £1.80 (433ml)
  • Fairy Lemon, £1.25 (433ml)
  • Fairy Original £1.25 (433ml)
  • Lidl W5 Concentrate Antibacterial Hygienically Clean, 69p (500ml)
  • Method Dish Soap Clementine, £3 (532ml)
  • Persil Lemon Burst, £1 (500ml)
  • Sainsbury’s Antibacterial, £1.20 (450ml)
  • Sainsbury’s Lemon, 80p (450ml)
  • Sainsbury’s Original, 60p (500ml)
  • Tesco Daisy Original, 59p (500ml)
  • Tesco Lime & Lemongrass Antibacterial, £1.11 (500ml)
  • Tesco Original, 85p (500ml)
  • The Co-operative Ecological Concentrated, £1.09 (500ml)
  • The Co-operative Original Concentrated, 90p (450ml)

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