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Deal of the week: save £60 on this Bosch tumble dryer

Get 34% off this Bosch condenser tumble dryer
bosch wte84105gb-224547

This Bosch WTE84105GB condenser tumble dryer is now selling for £347 at Tesco.

Originally £407, this condenser tumble dryer has a lot of different program options, including a quick-select 20 minute drying setting.

Tumble dryer reviews

But is this quick program really as speedy as it claims? Are all those extra settings worth the price tag? Find out how the did in our expert lab tests.

If you’re more generally interested in Bosch dryers, head to our Bosch tumble dryer reviews.

How we test tumble dryers

Tumble dryers are expensive, so it’s important you buy a model that’s effective at drying your clothes, easy to use and – to save you money on running costs – energy efficient.

In our tests, we look at drying speed, evenness of drying, ease of use, noise and running costs. We use four loads of washing in each machine on two different settings. 

A bad tumble dryer takes around 30 minutes to dry 1kg of washing – that’s typically around two and a half hours for a full load. But many Best Buys take an hour less than this, at twenty minutes or less per kg. Head to our Best Buy tumble dryers to get the most from your money.

Electric condenser tumble dryers

Electric condenser tumble dryers remove moist warm air from the drum. The air’s cooled inside the machine, and the resulting water collected in a removable reservoir.

  • Pros A condenser tumble dryer can be installed anywhere – it doesn’t need to be near a window or wall. Because water from the drum is collected, steam isn’t an issue.
  • Cons Choose a poor condenser dryer and you’ll still have to cope with damp air and the possibility of mildew. You need to empty the reservoir regularly. 

See our guide to for all you need to know about the types of tumble dryers and which is best for you.

Deal of the week

Spotted this Bosch WTE84105GB condenser tumble dryer for less elsewhere, or already bought it using this offer? Let us know – email with the details. All prices correct at 12pm on Monday 1 October 2012.

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