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Spark Energy tariff now the cheapest deal

Which? compares energy tariff prices

New cheap deal from Spark Energy

Spark Energy’s new dual fuel energy tariff is now the cheapest variable energy deal on the market – but is there more to consider than price when switching? 

Following price rises from British Gas and Npower on Friday, now is a good time to check whether you’re getting the best deal for energy in your home. 

When we checked energy prices today, we found that the cheapest energy tariff for the average home is Spark Energy’s Spark Advance tariff, which costs £1,041 a year for the average customer. This is £13 cheaper than First Utility’s iSave v12, the next cheapest deal. 

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Cheapest variable deals

The three cheapest variable deals (ie not fixed) currently available for an average home are:

  • Spark Energy’s Spark Advance: £1,041
  • First Utility’s iSave v12: £1,054
  • Npower’s Energy Online Jan 2014: £1,071

Spark Energy has only recently started providing tariffs available to private homes. Previously it served mainly rental tenants, landlords and property management firms.

Customers must pay ‘in advance’ by direct debit for the Spark Advance tariff. Your direct debit will initially be set at the highest level of usage – but if you don’t use this much and, as a result, build up extra credit you can claim this back. 

Customers rate energy companies

If you’re thinking of switching your energy provider, make sure you check our energy companies satisfaction survey. We don’t yet have a customer satisfaction score for Spark Energy, but First Utility was ranked 11th out of 14 companies with a customer score of 46%. Npower scored 41% and was ranked 14th.

If customer service is important to you – you might want to choose your energy supplier based on more than just price. For example, Utility Warehouse’s cheapest variable tariff is £140 more expensive than Spark Energy, but it was ranked 2nd in our satisfaction survey. It gained a customer score of 78%. Its variable tariff, called Utility Warehouse High User, costs £1,181 a year for the average user. 

Are you currently a Spark Energy customer or thinking of switching to this energy company? Tell us about your experiences by emailing homeeditor@which.co.uk

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