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Hot Car Deals – Mazda 2

Three money saving deals on a reliable supermini

IMPORTANT: Read the information at the bottom of this page before going ahead with any car purchase.

The Mazda 2 is typical of the car manufacturer that’s often overlooked in the UK: competitively priced, reliable, and enjoyable to drive. We’ve found three deals on three popular derivatives of this well-packaged supermini.

Mazda 2

The Mazda 2 holds its own in a fiercely competitive supermini market, partly due to its eager performance and its high reliability score in the latest Which? Car Survey. Sharing its chassis with the ever popular Ford Fiesta, the Mazda 2 has a great drive both around town and on the motorway.

It’s the Mazda’s lack of space, where it falls down against its rivals. Although it has a fair amount of room up front, the boot is small and the rear is very tight – meaning its not as practical as the class leaders.

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Mazda 2 1.6 diesel Sport discount

After a redesign in 2011, the diesel options are now limited to a single 1.6-litre engine. The 1.6 diesel Sport has a claimed fuel economy of 67.3mpg, although it came up slightly short in our tests with a 58.9mpg.

Out of the available trims, we’d recommend one of the two Sport levels – either the 1.5 petrol or 1.6 diesel. Although they have a higher list price, they’re packed with equipment and have electronic stability control (ESC) as standard.

Nationwide cars is selling the 1.6 diesel Sport 5-door for £12,890. Giving you £1,850 off the £14,740 RRP.

Mazda 2

Mazda 2 1.3 TS and Tamura deals

Unfortunately ESC doesn’t come as an option on 1.3 Mazda 2 models. You’ll also have to push it quite hard to get decent performance out of the 1.3 petrol engine, which makes it noisy. 

That said, they are the cheapest models to buy in the range and the 2011 redesign improved the fuel economy and pushed the CO2 emissions under the 120g/km barrier meaning cheaper car tax.

Arnold Clark is offering the 1.3 TS derivative for £8,755 – £1,740 off the list price of £10,495.

You can also get a £1,742 discount on the 1.3 Tamura by going to Nationwide Cars – meaning you can be on the road for £10,764.

The hot car deals:

  • Mazda 2 1.6 diesel Sport 5-door – £12,890 through Nationwide Cars
  • Mazda 2 1.3 TS 3-door – £8,755 through Arnold Clark
  • Mazda 2 1.3 Tamura 5-door – £10,764 through Nationwide Cars

Hot deal hunters please note:

  • The car brokers and deals featured are not vetted, endorsed or recommended by Which?. Always check the specifics of the deal so you know exactly what you are getting and who is supplying the car. Make sure all aspects of the deal are confirmed in writing before committing to buy.
  • Not all brokers deal in UK sourced vehicles, and this may have an impact on standard equipment and warranty levels.
  • The term ‘pre-reg’ or ‘pre-registered’ refers to vehicles that are brand new but already registered with the DVLA. This means that you will appear as the second owner on the V5 registration document.
  • Beware of unscrupulous brokers who tell you they will have to retain the V5 registration document for a period of time after your purchase of the car. Vehicles sold this way may be cheap, but there are legal implications, including the risk that you the buyer could be committing a criminal offence when you drive the car, so they should be avoided.
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