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Top five clever kitchen gadgets

Look out for these fancy features


Want to treat yourself to a new kitchen gadget? We’ve rounded-up the top five clever kitchen gadgets that would make a useful addition to any kitchen. 

Before you buy any new kitchen gadget, make sure you visit our reviews to see which specific products scored highest in our rigorous lab tests (all based on how you use products at home).

You can also use the ‘compare features and prices’ tool on all of our reviews to select products with the features you want. 

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1. Breadmakers that can make jam

Modern breadmakers can do a lot more than baking your daily loaf. Look out for models that let you make jam, cakes, pasta and specialist loaves, such as crusty French-style bread, rye bread and brioche.

Visit our breadmaker reviews and you’ll see that we have tested more than 20 breadmakers, produced over 300 loaves of bread (weighing almost 300kg) and clocked up nearly 700 hours of baking time.

2. Health grills that can make cheese on toast

It might not be the healthiest snack, but if you want to make bubbling cheese on toast in your health grill, look out for one that lets you lock the upper grill above your food – sometimes called the ‘raclette mode’.

Our buying guide can help you find a George Foreman grill that is easy to use and clean and cooks food that’s tasty to eat. 

3. Slow cookers that can roast

Great slow cookers will cook perfectly tender stews, but many are also able to roast meat and cook rice. Look out for larger models that can fit a whole chicken or joint of meat and have a rice setting

We can help you find a slow cooker that produces tender meat and rich tasting sauces – make sure you choose a Which? Best Buy. 

4. Kettles for quick and easy cuppas

Everyone wants a quick and quiet kettle, but features such as a 360º base (that lets you put the kettle on at any angle) and a low minimum fill level are also worth looking out for.

You can avoid getting lumped with a bad kettle that leaks, is noisy and takes a long time with our kettle reviews.

5. Hand blenders that can whisk and chop

Blending soup is by far the most common task you use hand blenders for. But many models now come with useful mini chopper and whisk attachments – which saves you buying extra gadgets.

Visit our hand blender reviews to find a model that is easy to use and clean and makes blending a breeze. 

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