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Train delays on the increase due to heatwave

16% of London to Scotland trains failed to run on time

The summer heatwave has caused more train delays, with 16% of London to Scotland routes failing to arrive on time, according to recent figures from Network Rail.

Despite the delays, 91% of trains did run on time between June 23rd and July 20th, when temperatures were at their highest. 

The poorest performance was on the two main London to Scotland routes – operated by East Coast Trains and Virgin Trains – which had 84.6% of trains arriving on time.

The best performing company in the last four-week period was the London to Tilbury and Southend firm c2c which ran 97% of its trains on time. 

Depending on the length of the delay, passengers may be able to claim compensation.

National Rail urged to improve

National Rail has been repeatedly urged to improve punctuality by the Office of Rail Regulation (ORR).

New ORR targets announced yesterday mean that any commuter service that arrives within five minutes of its scheduled arrival time will be considered on time. 

For long distance trains, arriving within 10 minutes of their scheduled arrival time will be considered punctual. 

If your train is delayed

If your train is delayed, the minimum compensation you’re entitled to is 20% of a single ticket, if you’re more than an hour late. 

Train companies also have their own rules on compensation, which may be more generous. Follow our step-by-step guide to get your money back.

Your can use this template letter to claim compensation if your train has been been delayed during the heatwave.

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