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Barclays gets more than 1,500 daily PPI complaints

More complaints being unheld in first half of 2013
Barclays Bank

Barclays bank is still receiving more than 1,500 daily complaints about insurance and mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance (PPI), despite a drop in the number of claims made in the last six months.

Barclays Group received almost 300,000 insurance-related complaints in the first six months of this year, of which the vast majority were about PPI.

Which? is calling for banks to write to customers that have bought PPI, but not yet complained, to notify them of how to complain and issue at least one follow-up letter.

We also want the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to take enforcement action against banks that fail to deal with complaints fairly.

If you think you’ve been mis-sold PPI you can use our tool to make a claim or use our free template letter to write to your bank

PPI complaints upheld

Barclays upheld 68% of complaints about mis-sold PPI in the first half of this year, compared with 65% in the last six months of 2012.

The cost of the PPI scandal is now double that of the Olympics, with banks setting aside a total of £18.6bn to settle claims. If you think you’ve been mis-sold, use our PPI mis-selling checklist.

PPI an historic mistake

Barclays said: ‘Barclays has not sold PPI for several years therefore complaints about PPI reflect mistakes originally made some time ago, rather than a reflection of current performance.

‘We are working to address all valid PPI complaints and have set aside an extra £1.35m to do this, bringing the total to £3.95m.’

Complaints to ombudsman steady

A spokeswoman for the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS), which steps in to resolve financial complaints when consumers can’t come to an agreement with their banks, said it has not yet seen any sign of PPI complaints tailing off.

A FOS spokesperson said: ‘We have heard reports that things are starting to level out in the industry, but we are still seeing complaints in the region of 2,000 every day coming through.’

Unresolved complaints tend to reach the ombudsman a couple of months after consumers have made their initial complaint to their bank.

Earlier this year, the FCA named Barclays as the bank with the highest total of complaints in the second half of 2012, though Santander received the most complaints per 1,000 customers.

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