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Dyson DC49 and Hoover’s Unplugged – first looks

Our first impressions of new vacuum cleaners

Dyson’s new DC49 cylinder vac claims to be the lightest, quietest vac that Dyson has produced yet. Hoover’s Unplugged cordless vac says it can clean for up to 60 minutes between charges. Which? has gotten its hands on both to deliver its first impressions.

Dyson’s DC49 vacuum cleaner has been built with small homes in mind – it’s small, it’s light and it seems quite quiet. Hoover’s new battery powered cordless vac, the Unplugged, also claims to be light but with a 60 minute run time, so could be suited to both small and large homes.

UPDATE 09/09/14: We have now fully tested both of these vacuum cleaners in the lab. Read our full review of the Dyson DC46 cylinder vacuum cleaner, and the Hoover Unplugged cordless vacuum cleaner.

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Dyson DC49

The DC49 is Dyson’s latest compact cylinder vacuum cleaner. Dyson say it’s the lightest and quietest vac it has produced to date, and 30% smaller than its predecessor, the DC47.

Designed for small homes, Dyson say the DC49 weighs just under five kilos and will hold just half a litre of dust in the canister. This means it’ll be easy to carry about but if you’ve got a home with lots of floor space, you’ll be better off looking for a vac that holds more.

The motor in the DC49 has been mounted so that the air comes out the bottom of the vac – but does this really make any difference to the amount of sound it makes?

To find out and get our full first impression of the DC49, head for our .

Hoover Unplugged

Hoover has released a new cordless vac, the Unplugged. It says it can offer up to 60 minutes of continuous cleaning, which if true would be one of the longest running times for a cordless vac that we’ve seen.

To see what our researcher made of this Hoover’s new cordless vac, check out our Hoover Unplugged first look review.

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