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Deal of the week: save £85 on a Miele tumble dryer

The Miele T7934 has been reduced from £700 to £615
Miele t7934-263547

The Miele T7934 has a 7kg capacity

Looking to buy a tumble dryer? The Miele T7934 could be the answer – and the Co-operative Electrical will deliver it for free.

The T7934 vented tumble dryer features Miele’s patented honeycomb drum design, which the manufacturer claims creates a protective layer of air to cushion your laundry. You can position the hose on the left, right or back of the tumble dryer, giving you more options about where you install it. It should also fit beneath work surfaces.

However, how does this tumble dryer perform in our rigorous tests? How quickly will it dry a full 7kg load, and is it noisy or expensive to run?

Check out our Miele T7934 review to find out. Members can log in to do this, but if you’re not a subscriber, you can take out a £1 Which? trial to read this and all of our other reviews.

How Which? tests tumble dryers

We dry over 1,500kg of clothes every year, testing tumble dryers in the way that you use them in real life. A good tumble dryer drys clothes quickly and isn’t expensive to run – a bad one will be slow and noisy.

Our tests include:

  • Program tests – we measure how long a tumble dryer’s cotton cupboard dry, cotton iron dry and synthetics/easy-care cupboard dry programs take and give a star rating for each category. We also look at the evenness of drying and creases in the clothes.
  • Noise tests – we record the decibel levels at the noisiest point of the tumble drying program and also consider how much noise the laundry itself makes in the drum. You should be able to hold a conversation with raised voices if a machine scores three stars.
  • Energy use tests – we measure how much energy is used in different drying programs and also calculate how much a tumble dryer will cost to run. This can range from around £40 to £140 per year – the average is £100.

Deal of the week

The Miele T7934 vented tumble dryer is currently available for £615 from the Co-operative Electrical. The normal selling price is £699.99.

If you’ve spotted this dryer for less elsewhere, please let us know – email

All prices correct at 5pm on Thursday 31 October 2013.

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