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Safety alert: Baumhaus Nutkin cot bed recalled

Potential trap hazards identified on this cot bed
Baumhaus Nutkin cot bed potential hazards

The Baumhaus Nutkin cot bed is being recalled due to potential hazards identified

Baumhaus has issued a product recall on the Nutkin cot bed due to a number of potential safety issues. Areas of the cot bed, particularly the gaps at the top of the bed, have been identified as a potential trap-hazard. 

The Baumhaus Nutkin cot bed has been withdrawn from sale and sold products are being recalled. Baumhaus has advised customers to stop using the product immediately if your child is able to stand up when aided. 

What to do if you have a Nutkin cot bed

Baumhaus says is has a log of all customers and is contacting everyone. But if you have a Nutkin cot bed and are concerned, it’s best to call Baumhaus on 0846 644 8882 to organise the return of the product.

We test all of our cot beds to rigorous safety standards to give you the best possible peace of mind. Members can log in to see all of our cot bed reviews.

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Baumhaus Nutkin cot bed

The Baumhaus Nutkin cot bed is being recalled a number of potential hazards have been identified:

  • Risk of children trapping their head and neck in the gaps at the top (see image).
  • Children’s clothes could get caught on the sides of the bed where there is a snagging hazard.
  • A child’s legs or arms could become trapped between the end slat of the drop-down side of some products sold.
  • Children’s fingers could become caught in the drill holes.

The cot bed also has other failures with regards to the children’s cot bed British standard. Baumhaus has said that it will address these issues to make sure it passes the necessary standard testing before putting the product back on sale.

How we test cot beds

At Which?, we understand how important child safety is. That’s why when we test our cot beds we make sure they pass all of our rigorous safety tests. 

We stick probes equivalent to a child’s head, limbs and fingers into all parts of the cot to check there’s no risk of them getting trapped.

We also check the sturdiness of the cot bed by pounding it with a 10kg weight 1,000 times in the middle and the end to make sure that slats are strong. 

We then simulate an angry toddler by violently shaking the sides of the cot bet up to 30 times a minute until each cot bed has been shaken 5,000 times.

To find out more, see full details of how we test cot beds.

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