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Cheap £5 toaster: is it any good?

The Which? toaster testing results are in

We’ve tested toasters from an incredibly cheap price of £4.50 up to a whopping £165 to reveal which ones are the best.

If you’re after a new toaster, no matter what your budget is, our toaster testing is designed to help you out. It’s completely unbiased, so we test budget toasters in exactly the same way as top-of-the range models. 

Head to the Which? toaster reviews where you’ll find more than 100 of the most popular models to choose from – including 17 Best Buys. If you’re not a member of Which?, sign up for a £1 trial to discover the benefits of having all our test results at your fingertips.

Cheap toasters

If you’re on a mission to cut costs and you need a new toaster, then you could be tempted by the Currys Essentials 2-slice toaster which costs just £4.50. For this, you’ll get a basic white plastic toaster with minimal controls – just a 7-level browning dial and a cancel button.

For those with a much larger toaster budget, the designer Alessi SG68 2-slice toaster costs a whopping £165. For this, you get a slimline, polished stainless steel toaster, 19 toasting levels, a bun rack, a defrost setting and a bagel feature which lets you toast just one side of a cut bagel. 

Our toasting experts have been discovering which one of these makes the best toast. Log in now to see their verdict or find out more about how we test toasters. 

How we test toasters

Here at Which? we’ve tested hundreds of toasters to find the best and the worst. You’d be surprised at the lengths we go to trying to find a decent toaster that won’t ruin your breakfast. 

Our lab experts scrutinise round upon round of freshly toasted bread – paying attention to each and every slice. 

Assessing evenness

We check how much of the toast is a nice golden brown colour

They asses how even the toasting is across each slice, compare the front and back of the same slice and asses how even the toasting is from different slots, and how much of the bread actually ends up toasted our holy grail colour of golden brown. 

Which? toasters expert Lisa Galliers said ‘A good toaster should be able to make a round of toast that’s evenly golden brown all over. It shouldn’t be patchy or stripy or have a large chunk that’s not toasted. 

‘A decent toaster should be able to make several rounds of toast consistently well and we’d expect a good toaster to be able to take a range of bread sizes. It’s surprising just how many toasters there are that can’t’

New toaster reviews

Here’s the full list of toasters we’ve just published results for online:

  • Alessi SG68W £165
  • Ariete 111 Look & Toast £80
  • Asda TA8172 £14
  • Breville VTT272 £15
  • Breville VTT444 £51
  • Currys Essentials C02TW13 £4.50 
  • Kenwood TTM550 Turin £49
  • Next Sparkle Glitter 4-slice £35
  • Swan ST17010 Plum £48

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