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Millions of Brits fear losing their home

One in 11 can't meet rent or mortgage payments

Millions of Brits fear they could lose their home as a result of rent or mortgage arrears, according to a new poll. 

In a survey conducted by homelessness charity Shelter, 38% of respondents admitted they were struggling to keep up with housing payments, whilst one in 11 said they might not be able to pay their next rent or mortgage payment.

Balance household budgets

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However, many respondents in the Shelter survey admitted that they were too anxious about the threat of losing their home to take action. 

A fifth of the survey’s respondents said they had deliberately left bill reminders unopened, whilst one in eight had thrown them straight in the bin.  

Families struggling with debt

Of the 3,675 people polled by Shelter, those with children were found to be the most likely to be struggling with rent, bills or mortgage payments. 

Seven out of ten parents said it had become harder to meet their commitments recently, compared to 63% of the sample group as a whole. 

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