Budget 2014: Timeline of key announcementsWhen the changes will impact your finances

26 March 2014

Chancellor's feet and budget case

It's been a week since George Osborne gave his Budget 2014 speech, announcing a host of changes which will affect our finances in a number of ways. 

Here, we list all the key announcements that will affect consumers in chronological order, starting with those that will be introduced first. 

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Imminent changes 

Pension changes - March 27 2014

A relaxation of rules regarding drawdown limits and lump sum withdrawals.

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The 2014/15 tax year

The new tax year begins on 6 April 2014 and will herald the introduction of many new tax and benefit rates. 

Allowance rises - April 6 2014

The personal tax allowance rises to £10,000. The Isa limit jumps to £11,880, while the capital gains tax allowance limit increases to £11,000.

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Benefits increases - April 6 2014

Child benefit and local housing allowance and child benefit both rise by 1%. The state pension increases to £113.10 a week.

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Duties altered - April 6 2014

Beer duty cut by 1p a pint. Tobacco duty to rise 2% above inflation. Bingo duty halves to 10%. Duty on fixed-odds betting terminal up to 25%.

Pension tax relief allowance drops - April 6 2014

The allowance will fall to £40,000 per year and £1.25 million overall.

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Later this year

Premium Bond limit - June 1 2014 

Increases to £40,000 with extra £1 million jackpot to play for.

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New Isa to be introduced - July 1 2014

£15,000 limit can be filled with either cash or stocks & shares.

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Next year

Pensioner Bonds introduced - January 1 2015

Market-leading over-65s product with £10,000 limit.

Air Passenger Duty - April 1 2015

All long-haul flights will charge band B tax.

The 2015/16 tax year

The Chancellor announced a host of measures that will come into effect in the next tax year. 

More pension changes - April 6 2015

The government aims to give pensioners complete access to their pots.

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Tax bands - April 6 2015

Personal allowance rises to £10,500. Higher-rate tax starting figure rises to £41,865. Transferrable marriage allowance jumps to £1,500.

10% savings tax rate abolished - April 6 2015

The 0% rate will extend to maximum of £5,000.

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Welfare cap introduced - April 6 2015

The cap was set at £119bn rising with inflation.

Premium Bond limit - April 6 2015

The limit will increases to £50,000. 

New IHT exemption - April 6 2015

All emergency services staff who die in service will be exempt.

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And beyond...

Increased childcare tax breaks - Autumn 2015

A 20% tax break will apply to first £10,000 of childcare costs. 

New £1 coin - 2017 

A new twelve-sided coin will combat counterfeiting.

Help to Buy extended - 2020 

Equity loans scheme will now last until end of decade.

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