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Hot Car Deal – Save £5,571 on Vauxhall Astra

Save up to 28% on this popular medium car

IMPORTANT: Read the information at the bottom of this page before going ahead with any car purchase.

If you’re looking for an affordable medium car, the Astra is a sound choice thanks to discounts of up to 28% on brand new models. We’ve rounded up three of the best deals online.

The Vauxhall Astra is regularly close to the top of the best-selling car list in the UK, but you can still find discounts of more than £5,500 with a little searching. The Astra has a roomy cabin, comfortable seats and a high quality finish. It isn’t as much fun to drive as its Ford Focus nemesis though, which is available with similar hot car deal discounts.

Astra buyers can choose from the spacious five-door model or the chic coupe-style three-door GTC. With everything from affordable fuel-efficient models to a raucous 276bhp hot hatchback model available, you should be able to find something to suit your needs and budget.

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£5,543 discount on Vauxhall Astra 1.7 CDTi SRi [130] 5-dr

With an economical and sprightly diesel motor under the bonnet, our top choice Astra is the 1.7 CDTi SRi [130]. This Astra returns a claimed economy figure of 62.8mpg, but still canters to 62mph in 9.9 seconds. Thanks to a 25% discount you could put this Astra on your drive for £16,272.

In SRi form, the Astra features air conditioning, cruise control, a trip computer, plus supportive front sports seats. You also get 17-inch alloy wheels along with a full raft of airbags and safety kit.

Vauxhall Astra 1.4i 16V Energy 5-dr for just £12,995

If your budget’s a little lower, we’ve found a brand new Astra 1.4 Energy five-door for just £12,995 – saving you 26% off the list price. With a small engine under the bonnet this Astra takes a lengthy 12.9 seconds to accelerate to 62mph, although fuel bills should be low thanks to a claimed fuel economy figure of 51.4mpg.

In Energy trim, you get air conditioning and cruise control, plus Bluetooth for using your mobile phone through the car speakers. Also standard are steering-wheel mounted audio control and 17-inch alloy wheels.

Save 28% on brand new Vauxhall Astra GTC 1.6T 16V Sport

For those who don’t need the practicality of five doors and want something a little quicker, you can save a huge £5,571 on an Astra GTC 1.6T Sport – slashing the price to £14,324.

With a powerful petrol engine, this Astra sprints to 62mph in just 8.3 seconds, but economy isn’t great with a claimed figure of 39.2mpg. Standard kit includes aircon, a digital radio and stylish 18-inch alloys.

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  • Not all brokers deal in UK sourced vehicles, and this may have an impact on standard equipment and warranty levels.
  • The term ‘pre-reg’ or ‘pre-registered’ refers to vehicles that are brand new but already registered with the DVLA. This means that you will appear as the second owner on the V5 registration document. 
  • Beware of unscrupulous brokers who tell you they will have to retain the V5 registration document for a period of time after your purchase of the car. Vehicles sold this way may be cheap, but there are legal implications, including the risk that you the buyer could be committing a criminal offence when you drive the car, so they should be avoided.
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