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Vax launches new cordless vacuum cleaners

Is this vacuum cleaner perfect for stairs?

Vax’s new Air Cordless Lift also converts to a cylinder cleaner

Vax has launched two new cordless vacuum cleaners and a cordless hard floor cleaner for 2015.  

Cordless vacuuming has become hugely popular, offering quicker, easier cleaning without the power cord getting in the way. 

The latest model to hit the shop is the Vax Air Cordless Lift, a full-sized cordless model with a lighter, detachable section for cleaning the stairs and hard-to-reach spots. 

We’ve fully tested the new Vax to see how it shapes up to the competition – including cordless models from Dyson, Bosch and Hoover – see which models offer the best cleaning power and lasts the longest by reading our cordless vacuum cleaner reviews

Vax Air Cordless Lift vacuum cleaner 

The Air Cordless Lift (£349.99) is a full-sized upright vac which Vax claims will run for up to 50 minutes, theoretically allowing users to clean the whole home on one battery charge.  

We tried the Vax Air Cordless (£299.99) when it launched, but this new version allows you to lift off the canister and use it as a portable cleaner, effectively converting the upright vac into a cylinder one. This is a plus for people who struggle with using an upright vac to clean stairs, and the lightweight detachable cylinder can be used to clean furniture and upholstery too. 

Vax has also launched a new cordless stick cleaner, the Air Cordless Switch (£179.99), which also converts into a handheld cleaner. Vax says that both Air models are designed to allow you to swivel and steer round objects easily.

New Vax Floormate Cordless cleaner

To complete its cordless range, Vax has released a hard floor cleaner – the Vax Floormate Cordless (£249.99). It has rotating brushes to tackle dirt and can be used with Vax Floor to Floor detergent to remove tough spots and stains. 

One of our floorcare experts tried out the corded version of this cleaner at home – read the Vax Floormate Trio review to see our first impressions. We’ll be giving the same treatment to the cordless model as soon as we get our hands on it. 

The entire range of Vax cordless cleaners are available from major retailers or directly from 

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